Bullet Hell Monday Cheats: 6 Quick Tips for Avoiding Defeat, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Bullet Hell Monday for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #1: Basic Controls.
Slide the screen with your finger to move your ship

Shots are "fired automatically".
Let go of the screen to stop shooting,

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #2: Bombs.
Tap with two fingers to launch a bomb

Bombs cancel out enemies‘ bullets and do major damage to enemies.
Bombs are unstoppable.

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #3: Screen Explained.
1. Score
2. Ships Remaining
3. Bombs
4. Score Multiplier
5. Elapsed Time
6. Destruction Rate
7. Pause Button

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #4: Score Multiplier.
A higher score multiplier will give you more points.

Your score multiplier increases as you defeat enemies.

Defeat enemies quickly to increase more score multiplier and the rate of item appearance.

A score multiplier rise during a bomb effect is doubled.

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #5: Missions.
Clearing the missions within each stage adds to your Mission Points.

When your Mission Points reach 100 you can go to the next stage.

Bullet Hell Monday Tip #6: AP & Upgrade.
Clear missions to obtain AP.
Use AP to strengthen your player character.

Clear all missions to get bonus AP

Upgrade by tapping Level Up button to increase your stats.
Use the AP you earned to strengthen your character.