Guardian Soul Cheats: Coupon Number & 2 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Guardian Soul by Mobirix for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Guardian Soul Tip #1: Battle Tips.
Tap monster directly to enable the [Tap Attack] Feature, All of your available guardians will attack the selected monster and ignore other monsters for a single attack. You can do more than single attack by repeatedly tapping the monster.
Tap guardians to restore their health points, useful when you have a guardian that has a low health points or being attack by monsters.
Critical Blow is very powerful, but it consumes your [Tap Gauge]. By the way don't forget that 5 on the gauge is recovered every time you eliminate a monster.
If you want a specific guardian to attack a specific monster, just drag your finger to the monster you wish to attack. This prompts the guardian to attack the designated monster.
Usually the most dangerous monster in a battle is the dealer-attack type in the rear position. If you eliminate the dealers in rear first, then the battle will be in your favor.
Use the [Move Guardian] command to strategically position your guardian specially those fragile guardians should be positioned at the rear of your tanker guardian.
It would be wise to eliminate the Tower of Summons first before more monsters appear.
Hold down on any kind of Enemy Tower for 1 second and all Guardians will attack the tower.
This function is also very useful when you are fighting a powerful enemy.
Tower of Heal continuously heals nearby enemies. If the battle is prolonged, that tower will put you at a disadvantage. It'll be wise to eliminate first.

Guardian Soul Tip #2: Choosing the Right Guardian Starters!
Tanker Attack whose job is a tanker but also a guardian with high attack power.
Ranged Dealers engages powerful attack from the rear.
Aid Guardians provides various assistance in battle.

Starter Tanker #1: Lohan Obell.
This Guardian's skills are all attack type and is recommended for players who enjoy exciting action oriented game-play.
Starter Tanker #2: Nitta.
This Guardian has HP recovery skill as the third skill, and is recommended for players who enjoy stable game play.
Starter Ranged Dealer #1: Aria.
[Physical Attack Type] Dealer. This character shoots multiple arrows and is recommended for players who prefer easy control.
Starter Ranged Dealer #2: Dranis.
[Magic Attack Type] Dealer. General attack is weak but possesses powerful attack skill. This character is recommended for players who enjoy strategic battle.
Starter Aid Guardian #1: Jean.
Aid Guardian has skills with beneficial effects. This character is recommended for players who enjoy maneuvering and strategic battles.
Starter Aid Guardian #2: Amazoness.
This Guardian's role is to support the tanker. This guardian can summon and provide additional tank character, and is recommended for player who prefer easy control.

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