LINE CHACHA Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Gacha and Pets, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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CHACHA by LINE for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

LINE CHACHA is a cute 'n' cuddly puzzle game in which you have to manipulate blocks called Jellies in order to clear stages and help Coco find her way back home!
This, however, may not be as easy as it sounds, as you'll have to deal with obstacles and evil Bosses galore in order to come out on top in this challenging puzzle experience.

LINE CHACHA Tip #1: How do you play LINE CHACHA?
Just swipe the screen horizontally or vertically with your finger to move all the Jellies on the screen simultaneously in the direction of your choice.
Meet the conditions specified in each stage in order to progress forward, and make use of the wide variety of support items and characters available when things start to get tough.

LINE CHACHA Tip #2: What are Character Gachas?
Gachas are a way to obtain characters, which can be paid for using Gems or Coins.
There are two different Gachas in the game: the Normal Gacha and the Premium Gacha. The in-game currency required in order to play, as well as the characters that you can obtain, varies for each Gacha.
To play the Character Gachas, tap the Gacha capsule icon on the top right hand corner of the main screen.

Premium Gacha
- Ranks: A to SS
- Prize: 1 A-SS Rank character awarded at random
- Price: 30 Gems

Normal Gacha
- Ranks: B to A
- Prize: 1 B-A Rank character awarded at random
- Price: 1000 Coins

You may get the same character more than once from the Gachas.

LINE CHACHA Tip #3: How can I level up my Pets?
Pets can be easily leveled up just by tapping the Level Up button on each Pet description screen.
Skill effects increase every time a Pet is leveled up.

Note: When you tap the Level Up button, the amount of Coins indicated on the Pet description screen will be consumed.

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