Race Kings Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Speed, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Race Kings by Hutch for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Race Kings Tip #1: Perfect Start.
There are two ways to have a perfect start.
1. Using Handbrake
2. Using Gas Pedal

For Handbrake, you need to press & hold Hand Brake and Gas Pedal at the same time.
Wait for the Green Signal Light and immediately release the Hand Brake while still holding the Gas Pedal for a perfect start.

For Gas Pedal, you don't have to press & hold the hand brake and it applies for the Gas Pedal also.
All you need to do is to wait for the Green Signal light and immediately press and hold the Gas Pedal.

It doesn't affect the starting speed if you want to release the hand break or press the gas pedal at the green signal light.
It will still depends on you in which option you are comfortable with.

Race Kings Tip #2: Perfect 10 Drift.
Perfect 10 Drift is much easier to achieve for lower class cars. Higher Class Cars are difficult to handle and drift because of it's high speed/acceleration.
10 Drift is easier than doing Perfect 10 drift. To get 10 points in drifting, you just need to maintain your gas pedal to the green area.
However you will get extra speed for performing the correct timing of using hand break at the start of the drift.
Press and hold your Gas Pedal and wait for the orange marker to appear. Press the hand break when you pass the orange marker, it will be more difficult if your car is a higher class since it has more speed then lower class car.
Followed it by releasing your Gas Pedal to avoid going in to the red area, this is a mistake for newbie players since they tend to focus on pressing the hand break at the start of the drift.
Avoid going in to the red area to get a Perfect 10 Drift.

Race Kings Tip #3: Extra Speed and Performance.
You can get Extra Speed and Performance to your next match by upgrading your car.
It will receive a temporary Speed and Performance for your next match.
When the match is finished, those bonus will be lost but your upgrades you get on upgrading your car will still permanently retain.
You can use this advantage for participating at matchmaking, tournaments etc. Just wait for the right time when to upgrade your car.