Stickman Basketball 2017 Cheats: 2 Best Tips for PRO, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Stickman Basketball 2017 by Djinnworks for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Stickman Basketball 2017 Tip #1: Controls.
Jump Ball
Press any button to jump off for the jump ball.
Find out the best timing when to jump off.

Use the left stick to define the run and pass direction.
If you are using automatic running, then simply touch the player you want to pass to.

Use the SWITCH button to your controlled player.
The Steal and Block button try to stop the opponent and gain possession of the hall.

Use the PASS button to pass to your focused teammate.
Press and hold the SHOOT button to jump off for throwing.
Release the button at the highest jump position.

Stickman Basketball 2017 Tip #2: How to Beat PRO Difficulty.
1. Choose Oakland Team or any higher rating team.
You need to a higher rating for offense to be able to shoot threes, twos or dunk easily.
While defense is for player's speed and ability to jump and block faster.
2. Wide Open Shots.
Wide Open Shots up to the closest 3 point line while releasing the shoot button at the highest jump position will have 100% shooting success regardless of any difficulty set.
3. Smart Pass.
Pass is important to be able to shoot wide open shots, shoot closer and going for a dunk.
If you are from the opposite half court while getting the inbound ball, look for an open player and shoot immediately if you can  or pass/run on another player until you can safely shot the ball away from your opponent.
You can also bait your opponent away from your nearby teammate by going inside and let two opponents chase you, so you can pass it to the open shooting player.
4. Block and Steal.
If your team has higher rating for defense, your players should be quick enough to block and steal at PRO Difficulty.
For stealing, you should tap the switch button immediately to switch players near an opponent holding the ball. Don't spam the steal button because if you successfully stole the ball, your player might pass or throw away the ball. You can also intercept a pass from an opponent by getting the passing ball going to the intended opponent teammate.
For Blocking, same as stealing but using it when the opponent is shooting.

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