Underworld Card Game Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Ranking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Underworld Card Game for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Underworld Card Game Tip #1: Increase Rank.
Your rank is increased by winning matches against opponents.  You earn one star for every victory. When you have enough stars, your Rank increases.
After Rank 15, you also lose one star every time you lose a game. Your Rank never drops below 15.

Underworld Card Game Tip #2: Abilities.
Awaken - Triggers an Effect when unit is placed on the gameboard.
Defend - Target must be primary target of attacks in the zone.
Ferocity - Triggers Effect when a character is damaged and not killed
Multistrike - Character can attack twice per turn
Recon - This ability will trigger and Effect when the unit moves into a new zone
Swift - Unit can attack and move in the same turn
Tough - Unit ignores the next source of damage
Revenge - Unit Effect will be triggered at the moment of death.

Underworld Card Game Tip #3:  Attacking.
Drag an arrow from the unit you want to attack with to the enemy unit you want to attack. The color of the arrow indicates the type of attack.  If there are no restrictions on the gameboard (range limitation or the Defence ability) the opponent's unit will be attacked.
Attacking a character in an adjacent zone is a Close-Range attack. The arrow is yellow.
Attacking a character one zone away is a Long-Range attack. The arrow is blue.
You cannot perform an attack on a character that is two zones away

Underworld Card Game Tip #4: Card Description.
(FANG) At the top left of each card (excluding Champions) and printed on top of a Fang is a number that will represent the casting cost for that Card.
(RANGE) The middle-left number next to a cross-hair icon represents the amount of Ranged Damage that card can inflict.
(MELEE) In the bottom left with an icon of a fist next to it is the amount of Melee Damage that can be inflicted.
(CHAMPION LEVEL) Champions will have unique icons at the bottom middle of their card.  Each time a champion kills an enemy unit or losses an allied unit an “arrow” will fill up changing for grey to green.  When all the arrows have filled, the champion will level up.
(HEALTH) In the bottom right, the number overlayed on top of the drop of blood is the Health value of that card, when that number reaches zero the card will be destroyed.

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