VALKYRIE CONNECT Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Skills, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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VALKYRIE CONNECT by Ateam Inc. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

VALKYRIE CONNECT Tip #1: Action Skills.
These are skills unique to each character. By attacking or receiving hits from enemies and with the passage of time, each hero's action skill gauge will gradually fill up. Tap a filled gauge to activate a hero's action skill.

VALKYRIE CONNECT Tip #2: Gear Skills.
These are skills attached to gear. When equipment or accessories are equipped, these skills have a chance to activate in battle. A higher skill Lv can give a higher chance for the skill to activate and make the effect more powerful.

VALKYRIE CONNECT Tip #3: Limit Bursts.
The Limit Burst gauge will charge during a battle with the passage of time and when you use your heroes' action skills. Tap the gauge when it fills then tap one of your heroes to activate the skill. There are 10 different Limit Burst skills total. They attack all enemies and have special effects. If you have multiple heroes in your party with the same Limit Burst, the effect will be more powerful.

VALKYRIE CONNECT Tip #4: Battle Terminology & Status Effects.
Battle Terminology
- Reflect: Damage enemy with a given percentage of damage received to self.
- Absorb: Heal HP equal to a given percentage of damage received.
- Leech: Heal HP equal to a given percentage of damage dealt.

Status Effects
- Poison: Deals non-elemental damage after every turn.
- Burn: Deals Fire damage after every turn.
- Shade: Deals Dark damage after every turn. Heroes with this effect are treated as if they aren't in the battle.
- Confuse: Attack oneself.
- Charm: Attack friendly heroes.
- Blind: ACC down.
- Silence: Skills cannot be used.
- Fear: Skill gauge does not increase.
- Curse: Buffs and heals have no effect.
- Slow: Action speed is cut in half and a hero's action skill gauge fills more slowly.
- Sleep: A hero can do nothing when under this effect. Taking damage will wake the hero up.
- Paralyze: A hero can do nothing when under this effect.
- Petrify: A hero can do nothing when under this effect and their skill gauge will not fill.
- Freeze: A hero can do nothing when under this effect and takes Water damage after every turn.

Defensive Effects
- Shield: Decreases damage taken and can sometimes reflect damage. Shield effects do not stack.
- Barrier: Damage nullified for a set number of turns or after taking a set amount of damage. Can sometimes absorb damage. Barrier effects do not stack.

*The number of turns an effect lasts and the precise effects depend upon the specific skill.

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