18 by Mobcast/GameSamba Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battle and Gems, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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[18] by Mobcast/GameSamba for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

[18] Tip #1: Battle.
To use gems, chain 3 or more together. Units attack based on the gem's color.
If an enemy's count hits 0 they'll attack. Keep an eye on the counter.
Recover health by using life pots.
As battles progress your skills charge. Once charged you can use skills.
Some enemies yse magical attacks. When they do, they lock on to targets.
Unlock the gems in order to use them. To unlock remove gems touching them.

[18] Tip #2: Link Gems.
Chain 6 gems to initiate get a shining gem/link gem. You can use link gem to make longer chains.
You can use link gems to connect gems of different colors! If you use a link gem to attack, the attack will hit multiple enemies.
If you create multiple link gems. You can use them all at once.
Using multiple links forms a combo attack.
By using an upgraded link gem, you can attack enemies for damage. Merging link gems doesn't use a turn.
Try using this in ideal circumstances.
Attack multipliers will be higher using link gems to obtain more gems. Try it against strong enemies.

[18] Tip #3: Elements.
Each element has a weakness. The elements are fire, earth, water, light and dark. Fire is strong vs Earth, Earth vs Water, and Water vs Fire.
Light and Dark are strong against each other.

[18] Tip #4: 18 Effect.
Eighteen Effect opens up new ways of attack. When you connect 18 or more gems, power's amped.
To receive a goddess's support connect 18 or more gems.

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