Asphalt Xtreme Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Beginners, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Asphalt Extreme by Gameloft for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Asphalt Xtreme Tip #1: Controls.

Nitro Boost: Tap the nitro to consume one chunk of your nitro bar and give yourself an extra boost. You can hit it additional times to commit more chunks to the boost and make it stronger.

Long Nitro: Tapping the nitro once will make a red section appear on the end of the activated nitro chunk. Tap the nitro again once the nitro bar reaches that area, and your next chunk will be consumed more slowly! Using archetypes such as SUVS as Trucks will make it easier for you to perform long nitro chains.

Drifting: Steer Long enough to start drifting. You can also tap the brake while steering to force it earlier. Use drifts to navigate dangerous curves.

Exiting Drifting: Stop a drift by steering the vehicle straight. A quick nitro boost will also pull you out of the drift and around particularly sharp turns!

Asphalt Xtreme Tip #2: Vehicle Archetypes.

Buggies are light and Nimble. Try to jump and do stunts as often as possible to get that nitro going!

Rallies are fast cars that prefer to stick to the ground and avoid other vehicles. Use their powerful drift to gain nitro and then exit the curves while activating it.

Similar to Rallies, SUVS prefer to stick to the road and drive around their opponents.
Their nitro consumption is so slow that skilled drivers can chain it for a whole lap.

Muscle Cars
Muscle Cards are solid in all areas, but their nitro consumption is through the roof. Only the best racers can tame these powerful beasts.

With their unique drift and total air domination, Pickups are a force to be reckoned with.
Their nitro is best used in short but powerful burst to take down opponents.

The ultimate unstoppable force. Trucks are made to stay on the road no matter what. Make good use their slow nitro consumption to take down opponents and break through shortcuts at high speeds.

Monster Trucks
Jump! Attack! Take down any fool who dares to oppose you! Monster Trucks are killing machines that love to bully other archetypes with their Burst of Nitro!.

Asphalt Xtreme Tip #3: Other things you need to know.

  • Stars are used to unlock new seasons and events in career mode. You earn stars by winning events or completing secondary objectives in career mode. You can win up to 5 stars in an event.
  • Credits are what use to buy new vehicles and the upgrades you need to push them to the mat. Earn Credits by playing events in career mode and in multiplayer or grab some in the shop.
  • Earn Tokens by participating in Limited Time Events. Alternatively, you can purchase tokens in the shop section of the menu. Tokens can be used to purchase premium items in Asphalt Xtreme, including boosters, exclusive vehicles, boxes and ticket refills.
  • Each event in career mode has a recommended vehicle rank. Use a vehicle with the recommended rank or above, otherwise you might not be able to win.
  • Complete in Multiplayer and Finish in First, Second or Third place to add daily win. Accumulating wins will get you awesome rewards, but watch out each day the streak automatically restarts!

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