Chaos Centurions Cheats: 10 Quick Tips for Centurion, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Chaos Centurions for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Chaos Centurions Tip #1: Increasing the number of troops deploy.
Raise the level of your Warlord or Centurion to increase the number of squads you can deploy and the overall CP value of your army.

Chaos Centurions Tip #2: Healing Troops.
HP recovers slowly over time. A good Centurion let his or her troops rest when they need it.

Chaos Centurions Tip #3: Reviving Troops.
You'll have to recruit a new squad to replace them. What's past is past. keep your eye on the road ahead Centurion.

Chaos Centurions Tip #4: Victory Points.
Victory Points give you a general idea of how strong you are in battle. Compare medals with your friends to see who's on top!

Chaos Centurions Tip #5: Difference between Player Level and Centurion Level.
Player level shows how much you've played Chaos Centurions. The higher your Player level, the more game features are unlocked.
Centurion level represents the ability of your legion commanders.

Chaos Centurions Tip #6: Ghost Gems for free.
Yes. Though rare, Ghost Gems sometimes drop as a material on the Tactical Map.
Check every day so you don't miss them!

Chaos Centurions Tip #7: Command Points (CP).
A commander's Command Points are spent to deploy squads and use commands.
Spent CP are recovered at the end of battle, and additional CP may be earned during battle by destroying an enemy squad.
Maximum CP increases with your commander's level.

Chaos Centurions Tip #8: Gold.
This material is produced by Fortresses and Settlements under your control, and can also be obtained via conquest of enemy territory.
Used to pay battle and army expenses.

Chaos Centurions Tip #9: Food.
This material is produced by farms under your control, and can also obtained via conquest of enemy territory.
Used for recruiting soldiers.

Chaos Centurions Tip #10: Difference between different kinds of material, like Gold and Wood.
Food, Wood and Metal are used to recruit new troops. These are collected from farms, forests, and mines, respectively.
Gold is used when moving legions, attacking POIs, and buying weapons from the caravan.
Gold is collected from fortresses and Settlements.