Dark Load Cheats: 6 Best Tips for DPS and Crystals, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dark Load/Our Dark Lord Sasuyu 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dark Load Tip #:1 What is DPS?
DPS stands for Damage Per Second and refers in damage inflicted each second of attack.
The dark lord DPS is the total of DPS for all current ally monsters in the dark army.
However, since monsters attack separately, the DPS shown and the damage inflicted may differ.

Dark Load Tip #:2 What is the dark lord?
This refers to monsters that will be your allies when mounting attacks. Once you have a certain amount of G, you can bring in new monster allies.
DPS varies by monster. Their passive skills and effects also differ.

Dark Load Tip #:3 What are monster species?
When you retreat, you can gain monster species.
Each monster species has different features, which can be
augmented with diamonds in order to boost the monsters chances of being deployed.

Dark Load Tip #:4 No new species to discover.
Use crystals in acquire relics and gain great strength.
Relics contain various hidden bonuses that make it easier to invade territory.
Relic contents change each time you receive one and the number of crystals needed changes each time as well.

Dark Load Tip #:5 What are crystals?
Crystals are won from beating back enemies.
They help you acquire relics. As you go on to newer and newer territories, you can increase the number you acquire.
Also, If you defeat the brave opponents before each gate that appears, you win brave medals that can be exchanged for crystals.

Dark Load Tip #:6 What retreats?
This commend scatters the dark lords army and reset the advances made and the number of G required.
In exchange,you gain great strength and start the invasion once again.
Crystals are items needed for powerful relics.