Empire Manager Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Battle and Capital, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Empire Manager by ECC Games for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Empire Manager Tip #1: Goal of the Game.
The game puts you in control of your nation's homeland and people.
Your goal is to build an empire. The goal can be achieved in one of two ways.
To achieve territorial victory you must conquer all the territories on the map whether its through brute force or through cunning diplomacy.
To attain cultural victory you must be the first nation to produce a Wonder.

The game lets you pick five different levels of difficulty and choose whether you'd like to play in a "endless" or "tournament" game.
Tournament games allow you to submit your end result to the leader boards where you can compare scores with your friends.

You can play as one of 3 nations: the Romans, the Egyptians or the Vikings.
Each nation has its own unique abilities that give it an advantage over the other.

Empire Manager Tip #2: Battle Preparation.
To start, you'll need to place each of your military units on the board.
Select the type of unit you wish to place them click on the green field to place it.
The battle begins once you've placed your last unit.
Each of your units has 3 life points and, depending on their type, a set of a points.
Action points can be used for movement or attack.

Empire Manager Tip #3: Capital Management.

  1. Farmers produce food that is consumed by the army and the rest of population.
  2. Miners extract minerals necessary for scientific work and army mobilization.
  3. Scientists make research over many branches of science. You need minerals to unkeep them.

You can also trade goods in the marketplace by selling or buying food and minerals in exchange for gold.
Remember that your income must be higher than your spendings - if you're out of resources, army, miners and scientists will quit their jobs.

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