Fanatical Basketball Cheats: 3 Best Tips to Win Games, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Fanatical Basketball for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Fanatical Basketball Tip #1: Controls.
Drag the button to move your players. Tap the control button to pass the ball. Hold and release offense button to jump shot.
Move your player in front of the opposing ball handler. Tap the control button to steal the ball.
Move forward and tap offense button to do layup or dunk.
Tap Switch button to switch to the ball nearest teammate.
Tap the Block button to attempt blocking the shooting opposing player. It will only works if the opposing player was at shooting form.
Perform correct shooting form like releasing the jump button at maximum jump, open wide shots and etc because even if you had an good upgraded shooting skills, you can still be blocked by an opponent or the ball will travel awkwardly hitting below the board or it may be an airball regardless of shooting success rate.

Fanatical Basketball Tip #2: Coins and Gems.
You will earn coins and gems for each win, you can also get bonuses on your wins depending on how many steals, blocks, dunks and 3 points you've made.
Earn daily bonus by just logging in the game. Log in continuously up to the 28th day to get maximum daily bonus.
Earning Gems are easy! You can get it by just wining a matches and you can also get it through achievements.

Fanatical Basketball Tip #3: Teams.
There are 5 types of teams and it is rated by D, C, B, A and the highest rated is S.
S or Super Team isn't the best team to develop or to improve. Rated A teams are the best teams because it is available to buy in "Today's Shop" thus you can upgrade them easily if you have money. S Teams can only be obtained through packages which has a low success rate,
It is recommended to save your money to buy your favorite team when it is available at the Today's Shop.

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