Gangster Crimes Cheats: 7 Best Tips for Buildings, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gangster Crimes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Gangster Crimes Tip #1: Money Press.
Your Money Press is a lucrative business!
It produces tons of cash all the time. But make sure you collect all that money in time, before you get robbed!
Upgrading your Money Press ensures it will produce even more cash, and the capacity will also increase!

Gangster Crimes Tip #2: Mafia Mansion.
The Mafia Mansion will give you the possibility to unlock new in-game possibilities, and it will also increase the capacity level so you can settle more troops in your empire.
Upgrading it will increase your Mafia Power!
You can also upgrade your troops and equip them with weapons right here in your Mafia Mansion.

Gangster Crimes Tip #3: Car Showroom.
There's no better place to sell your oars then in your very own Car Showroom!
Make sure to upgrade your showroom to allow for more capacity and faster ofiers.
Your followers can also provide great publicity about your showroom. And the more followers you have, the more your customers will he willing to offer you!

Gangster Crimes Tip #4: Weapon Lab.
Welcome in your Weapon Lab! Have [a lot) of useless weapons, but you want to get rid of them?
Here you can recycle your useless weapons into brand new weapons!
Upgrade your weapon Lab to a higher level to gel stronger weapons in return.

Gangster Crimes Tip #5: Ammunition Factory.
Without ammunition, you're nothing!
To be able to attack other players, you need ammunition at your disposal.
In order to start the producing process, you should press the “Produce” button every 24 hours. Note: during an upgrade your Ammunition Factory will not produce ammunition.
And when you're in the course of producing, you also can't upgrade your Ammunition Factory!

Gangster Crimes Tip #6: Bank
Deposit your cash in the bank to keep it safe while players are attacking you.
This is a good choice if you have no current investment opportunities to put your money into.
Upgrade your bank to a higher level for more capacity.

Gangster Crimes Tip #7: Hospital.
You'll need your health during attacks, so upgrade your Hospital to a higher level for extra health and a faster recovery speed!
Note: if your health is too low, performing criminal activities is not always possible.

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