GO Titans Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Teams and Gameplay, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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GO Titans by SEASUN INC. for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

GO Titans Tip #1: Guardians.
  1. Guardians can be summoned to assist in Campaign and most event battles.
  2. Guardians have a time limit.
  3. Use Guardian Souls to upgrade Guardians and increase skill effects. Guardian Souls can be obtained in Campaign stages and World map Tribute.
  4. When Guardian talents to make Guardians more powerful.
  5. Reach 10 SP in each tier to unlock the next tier.
  6. Some talents ust be unlocked via Guardian Trials. Go to free flying mode to undergo a Trial.
  7. When Guardian reaches a certain LV. Blessing will be unlocked.
  8. Use Guardian Bless Orbs to perform Blessings that increase Titan stats.
  9. Blessing increases stats regardless of whether a Guardian is deployed.

GO Titans Tip #2: Player Suggested Teams.
  • Easy PvE: Tank in front, DPS behind with a healer tagged. Campaigns have never been easier.
  • Arena Fight: Mercy and Luna for AoE crowd control. Beat 'em down!
  • Single Target Focus: The tanker the front the better with powerful rear single target DPS.
  • Itchy Ointment: Double tanks, double healers. Outlast your competition!
  • From Behind: With Pigsy and Shura, you'll tear the enemy rear to shreds!
  • AoE Explosion: Double tanks, triple AoE: It's a cataclysm of Ultimates!

GO Titans Tip #3: Gameplay.
Campaign Stage Grade Info:

  • 3 Stars: No fallen Titans.
  • 2 Stars: 1 to 2 Titans are defeated.
  • 1 Star: >2 defeated Titans.
  • Clear Campaign chapters to unlock respective Chapter Tribute.
  • Only 1 chapter max undergo Tribute at any time.
  • Clear Campaign 2-9 (Sinister Road) to unlock rando events.
  • Random events are triggered at regular intervals. At least 8 events are spawned daily.
  • When events reach max of 5, newly triggered events will overwrite the older ones.
Jokulon Challenge:
  • There are 7 Jokulons. Defeat 1 for the next to appear.
  • Each Jokulon carries treasures aplenty! Defeat all of them for rewards.
  • DP can be earned by completing Dallies, upgrading Titans and spinning the DP wheel.
  • You get 1 free DP wheel spin daily.
  • Join the event to get DP, with a chance to summon a 4 star astral pup.
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