Gun Strider Cheats: 4 Quick Tips for Attacking, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gun Strider for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Gun Strider Tip #1: Shooting.
Before enemies attacks you, Tap to kill them quickly.
If you kill the enemies, POINT can be acquired.
Perfect chain shooting enemies gets you bonus points when you get chain combos.
Missed shots will be exempted if you have enough Miss Shot Cover icons so feel free to give a shot!
If you shoot innocent civilians, penalty point will be given! Do not kill them by accident.

Gun Strider Tip #2: Enemies.
The number below the enemies is the number of shootings left to kill the enemies.
For armed soldiers, try double TAP to kill!
It is hard to kill the strike force because they are heavily equipped with shields.
For the strike force, Tap 3 times continually to kill.
When you are up against many, Skill Shot can come handy.

Gun Strider Tip #3: Skills.
With Skill Shot, you can attack multiple enemies on the left or right at the same time!
For each bullet, one Skill Shot can be used, and killing enemies will gradually recharge the bullets.
Slide Left or Right from the Player Character to use the Skill Shot!
When you use Bullet Time, time will dramatically slow down, so you can easily attack enemies. Also, triple bonus points will be given for the killed enemies.
For each hourglass, you can use Bullet Time once and you can increase the maximum hourglass through upgrades.
To activate Bullet Time, Touch Hold the Player Character!

Gun Strider Tip #4: Link Facebook Account!
In Ranking Mode, you can compete with global users for the ranking based on top scores for each stages!
Link your Facebook account to activate Friends Ranking and compete with your Facebook friends.

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