Legends TD - None Shall Pass Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Tower Defense, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legends Tower Defense for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legends TD - None Shall Pass Tip #1: Gameplay Tips.

How to Get Gems?
Free Chest - Get gems from opening Free Chest.
Daily Challenge - Beat the challenge to get gems reward.
Endless - Get rank 4 or higher to get gems reward.

Enemies drop coins when defeated. Use coins to build towers!

End of Path.
Don't let enemies reach the end of any path otherwise you will lose lives!

Call Wave Button.
Calling the next wave fully heals your troops! Call the wave before the timer fills up to also receive a coin bonus!

Flying Enemies.
Flying enemies cannot be blocked by characters on the ground, and can only be hit by certain towers.

Does damage over time. Armored characters have some protection against burn.

A cloaked character is invisible to ranged attacks. It makes a character sneaky, but even a cloaked character cannot avoid being engaged in melee combat.

Haste is really helpful. It increases the attack and movement speed of characters, making them super effective.

Poisoned characters lose health over time. Luckily, poison never kills the character, because poison can only bring a character down to 1 hit point.

Slow makes a character attack and move at a reduced speed.

A stunned character does not attack or move until they regain their senses.

Each level contains a challenge that award gold if completed!

Legends TD - None Shall Pass Tip #2: Tower Tips.

Archer Tower.
- Archers with a lot of range and a great rate of fire.
- Effective versus air and ground.

Multi Shot - Periodically rains arrows down on targets.
Scout - Increase the range of this and all nearby towers.

- A small fort that releases troops to engage enemies.
- Effective at stopping ground units.

Sword Spin - Troops perform a spinning attack damaging multiple enemies.
Royal Shield - Boosts the health of troops.

- A roaring cannon that lobs explosive shells at groups of enemies.
- Effective against groups of ground units.

Barrage - Periodically erupts with massive boulders damaging all enemies in range.
Rockets Away - Launches a rocket that targets the farthest enemy on the board.

Wizard Tower.
- A Wizard that fires powerful beams of magic that rip through enemies in a line.
- Effective against lines of ground units.

Magic Aura - Casts a magic spell providing increased movement and attack speed for allies.
Teleport - Periodically teleport enemies back.