Legion Fighters Cheats: Codes 4 Best Tips for Daimon, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legion Fighters for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legion Fighters Tip #1: Mastery Points.
In Adventure you can get Freedom Scroll.
You can convert the Freedom Scroll into mastery points.
Upgrade the mastery you've selected with mastery Points and then you can activate corresponding Potency which can significantly boost your power.
Tap "Reset" Button to re-distribute your mastery points. It will be free when you have collected less than 60 mastery points.

Legion Fighters Tip #2: Daimon.

  1. Make your Daimons stronger by level-up or evolve them.
  2. Activate Daimon's relation to gain bonus attribute.
  3. Collect Daimon Shard at Summon Array.
  4. Daimon Shard is purchasable at Shop.
  5. You may obtain Daimon Shard from common and elite Dungeon by chance.
  6. Daimon's Level-Up material can be obtained from Summon Array.
  7. Take control the Treasure Island earn some Daimon's Level-Up materials.

Legion Fighters Tip #3: Weapon.

  1. Purify the weapon on hand and make it shine.
  2. Collect materials and combine into more powerful weapon.
  3. Challenge God Trial to gain weapon and material.
  4. Divinity Gem and Purify Gem are purchasable at shop.

Legion Fighters Tip #4: Gear.

  1. Enhance your gear and gain more attributes.
  2. Equipment refining may grant huge amount of bonus attribute.
  3. Wanted list may drop Dark Gold by chance.
  4. Let's intrude into Shop and steal some Dark Gold.

Legion Fighters Activate Code: LFDARKGOLD.