Mortal Blade Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Mortal Blade for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Mortal Blade Tip #1: Battle Tips.
Hold Block button to block, defend first! Wait until the enemy is dizzy before attacking.
If the shield points are out, then it won't protect you anymore.
Successful defense gives you a chance to attack. When this happens, attack and don't stop.
Watch out for enemy attacks, you can parry them by swapping in line with the enemy's strike.
You can only parry the strike at the right time.
Same as blocking, parrying will result into a success defense that leads to free strikes to your enemy.
You can also dodge by pressing either left or right button and avoid the enemy strikes at the right time and right position.
You have 4 chances to dodge in the beginning,each one can be charged in a period of time.
Successfully parry, block and dodge can give you a chance to attack.

Mortal Blade Tip #2: Other Tips.
Completed 4 daily tasks can receive extra diamond reward.
Cost 1 Skill point to strengthen one of your attributes! And you will unlock a new skill by costing enough skill points.
Daily Reward will give you instant reward when you logged in the game. The more the number of consecutive days of landing the more abundant reward.
If the cooldown of reward level is over, you can challenge it again.
You can remove the gem inlaid from the equipment by costing some money.
You will get 3 stars if you have 100% defense rate, 2 stars if you have 60-99% defense rate and 1 star if you have 0-59% defense rate.
Each equipment has 3 gem holes, but the last 2 holes need diamonds to unlock.
Rare gems can be upgraded with 2 same type extra gems.

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