Myth of Eastern Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pet & Partner, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Myth of Eastern for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Myth of Eastern Tip #1: Pet.

  1. Pet Advanced: Spend Pet Advance Orbs to advance your pet, more attributes can be achieved with higher stages.
  2. Pet Skill: The higher the pet grade, the more skills will unlocked.
  3. Item Reward: Advance to Stage 4 to get rewards.
  4. Gear Devour: Level up your gear by devouring more gears, higher level, more attributes.

Pet Lucky Value.
If pet advanced failed, lucky value will be increased to improve the success rate of next attempt.

Lucky Value reset in:
When the reset time becomes 0, the lucky value will be cleared. Tips: You are suggested to advance the level before lucky value was removed.
The higher the lucky value the higher chance to enhance.

Myth of Eastern Tip #2: Partner Type.

  • Divine: Divine partners have unique looks. With best attributes, can learn a high level skill randomly. Note: Refine Divine partner may go back to superb grade!
  • Superb: Super partners have higher potentials. Refine with a chance to advance to Godly Partner.
  • Partner Arcane: Arcane partners are beyond powerful, use the Arcane Essence to exchange.
  • Partner Divine: Divine Partner has strong power! use Divine Partner Soul to exchange for divine partners.
  • Partner Score: Grade SS > Grade S > Grade A > Grade B > Grade C.
  • Learn skill, use pendant, upgrade partner and promote to get more score.

Myth of Eastern Tip #3: Fortune Exp.

  1. Uncompleted events and quests will be transferred into Fortune EXP based on certain percentage.
  2. After completing some Daily Events, Fortune Exp will be transferred into Exp based on certain percentage.
  3. Fortune Exp is capped at 3000000, can't gather anymore after reaching the cap.

Myth of Eastern Tip #4: Devour.

  1. Get gear from World BOSS and events.
  2. Only gears of the same part can be devoured.
  3. Can devour Extra Lower Quality gear.
  4. Get Exp and level up from devouring, higher level better attributes.
  5. Gear quality goes from white, green, blue, purple, orange.
  6. Better Quality, better attributes after the level up.
  7. Higher quality piece of gear will always devour the gear of lower quality.

Myth of Eastern Tip #5: Sign In Rewards.

  1. Your sign-in times will be accumulated, and you can claim corresponding reward and you can claim corresponding reward here. The more days of sign in the more rewards you can get.
  2. During event, reaching corresponding VIP level or above can enjoy double rewards.
  3. If your VIP is leveled up with 24 hours since you claim the sign in reward, VIP level or above can enjoy double rewards.
  4. If your VIP is leveled up with 24 hours since you claim the sign in reward, VIP difference reward can be claimed at sign in interface.
  5. Sign in reward should be claimed before 5:00 am.

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