RPG Astral Frontier Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Potential, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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RPG Astral Frontier by KEMCO for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Premium RPG Astral Frontier Tip #1: Potential Bits.
Potential Bits (PB) are items that automatically restore HPXSP. protect you from status ailments inflicted by enemies, and provide other benefits that will be of great help to you on your journey.

Acquire PB by defeating bosses or opening blue treasure chests.
Once you acquire PB, go to Menu -> Tactics -> Potential Bits to equip them.
(Hint) Damage from enemy skills cannot be reduced by defending, but certain PB can be equipped to halve it.

Premium RPG Astral Frontier Tip #2: Auto Save.
Game data is automatically saved when...
- Going up/down staiways. entering buildings and changing levels
- Acquiring restoration points
- Using warpholes
- Finishing battles.
...And that's it.
You can also save at anytime with Menu -> File -> Save.
#Autosave does not occur when finishing boss battles, losing in battle, or when the screen changes for events.

Premium RPG Astral Frontier Tip #3: Skills/Elemental Stones.
Go to Menu -> Status -> Skill to use skills and equip elemental stones.

Equipping a stone will allow you to use the skill type associated with the stone.

There are six types of stones in all.
Four that increase the number of skills you can use. one that reduces the SP used by skills, and one that boosts skill effectiveness.

Premium RPG Astral Frontier Tip #4: Application Settings.
In Menu - Settings, you can configure volume and vibration, game speed and difficulty, and key positions.

Changing game difficulty to Easy makes enemies weak, while Hard makes them strong.
The game will record the number of enemies you defeat at each difficulty.
#Changing difficulty has no effect on the conditions that must be met to complete the game.

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