Sniper Robots Cheats: 10 Newbie Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Sniper Robots for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

  1. Drag along screen to target enemy.
  2. Tap zoom icon to toggle scope on/off.
  3. Tap fire button to target the enemy.
  4. Armored enemies can't be killed with a single bullet. Try Sticky bomb to kill the enemy robot.
  5. You will earn coins after the mission depending on how much the value of the mission and the amount of head-shots that you've made.
  6. Each mission requires energy for you to be able play it. It requires 5 mins to replenish a single energy.
  7. Increase damage if you want to kill enemies faster specially those armored ones.
  8. Stability helps you to hit the enemies when they are moving and far away.
  9. Zoom increases your scope zoom, upgrade it to be able to scope enemies at far distances.
  10. Clip Size is also needed to upgrade if you are facing a lot of enemies because reloading takes time and they might kill you when you waste time.