Super Cat Tales Cheats: 16 Quick Tips for Controls, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Super Cat Tales by FDG Entertainment for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

  • Tap left or right to walk.
  • Walk into a wall to climb up.
  • Step on the checkered spot to complete the level.
  • Double tap left or right and hold to run.
  • Press the opposite direction while running to brake.
  • Tap the opposite direction while climbing to do a wall-jump.
  • Run into a cliff to jump.
  • You can adjust the tap speed from the pause menu.
  • Hitting minions will stun you - be careful!
  • Hitting a minion gives you a 5 seconds time penalty.
  • We collect water dripping from the trees.
  • Run into a wall to do a head pound.
  • Tap left or right to ascend in the water.
  • Step on a punk spot and press the cat head button to change cat.
  • Run into a brick wall to destroy it.
  • Remember, helpers are one time use only. Good Luck.

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