Turbine Fighter Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Tankbots, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Gulong Heroes for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Turbine Fighter Tip #1: Beginner's Tips for Battle.
Boost towards victory!
Press the BOOST button located on the bottom left of the screen during battle to increase your Tankbot's motor speed!
Be careful not to overheat or use too much of your Tankbot's energy.
Time Attack!
Stuck at a Time attack stage? Try Gear! It's a speedy and lightweight Tankbot that amplifies its damage with speed. It also saves more energy!
Upgrade your Tankbot for more power and better armor along with more customized options!

Turbine Fighter Tip #2: Game Modes.
How many game modes are there in Turbine Fighter?
Turbine Fighter has 4 game modes in total.

VS mode: The player must defeat the opponent robot by destroying the head or the core of the robot. Victory will also achieved as the opponent robot's battery gets depleted.

Race Mode: The player robot has to reach the goal terminal within stated time limit.

Survival Mode: The player robot's head or core must NOT be destroyed along with battery remains within stated time period. Victory will also achieved by destroying the head or the core of the opponent robot.

3VS3 Mode: The player must defeat opponent robots in 2 out of 3 matches to claim victory.

Turbine Fighter Tip #3: How can i control my robot?
Player can increase the robot's motor speed by pressing the BOOST button on the bottom left of the screen during battle. Additional battery will be consumed while boosting
Where can i get robot parts and materials?
Robot parts and materials are rewarded by completing story stages, participating in PVP (Player Versus Player) mode, spectacle mode and event.
What will happen if my Tankbot Overheats?
You lose control of your Tankbot if it Overheats!
It's motor speed and attack damage will reduce to 50% while overheating. You will gain control again after the Tankbot cools down.

Turbine Fighter Tip #4: All about Tankbots!
What are the available starting Tankbot?
There are 3 types of Tankbot to choose from as your starter:

Turbine: The all-rounded Tankbot!
Gear: Deal highest damage among all starter!
Defender: Has the highest armor!

Why is my Tankbot not fighting?
A Tankbot can fight only if all 6 PARTS have been installed. The installed parts affect the weight, stability, and attack damage of your Tankbot.
Also, Tankbot can't fight when any of the 6 parts has zero durability. Make sure you repair your Tankbot regularly !

What is an AI Chip?
AI Chip provides additional custom commands to your Turbine Fighter during battles.
A complete command requires 1 Condition Chip and 1 Action Chip installed within the cost limit. Once the condition stated on the condition chip has been fulfilled, the action chip will be affected.
*The AI chips' cost limit varies in robot head parts

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