Valiant Force Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Valiant Force by FunPlus for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Valiant Force Tip #1: Hero.

Hero Promotion.
Heroes can be promoted to a higher job tier after upgrading twice, increasing their level cap and potential growth.
Each promotion will require special items that can only be found from the specific job quest.
The required job item will be revealed once the hero reaches +2 upgrade.

Hero Limit Break.
Once a Hero has reached maximum level, promotion and completed Training,
Limit Break is unlocked. Fusing heroes of the same class and character will increase the level limit of the Hero.

Hero Skills.
Skills can be used in combat once they are fully charged.
The number of turns needed to charge the skill is indicated in the top left circle.
Upgrading a skill improves its effectiveness.

Hero Aura.
Auras provide effects via a directional trigger system.
Mastering the directions and triggers of Auras will bring devastation to your foes.

Valiant Force Tip #2: Equip.

Equipment Upgrade.
Upgrading an equipment will cost Gold. Each piece of equipment can be upgraded 15 times.
Every 3 upgrades, the equipment will gain random bonus stats depending on its type.
The higher the rarity of an equipment, the more stats it gains per upgrade.

Equip Rune.
Heroes can equip runes to gain bonus stats and skills.
The higher the rarity of a Hero, the more runes they are able to equip.
Editing their rune grid will cost Gold.

Equip Rune Upgrade.
Upgrading runes will increase the amount of stats given.
Upgrade runes by using other runes as materials.
A rune will upgrade once it reaches 100%.

Valiant Force Tip #3: Garrison.

Upgrading the Town Hall unlocks additional empty plots, as well as increasing the maximum levels of current garrison buildings.
More types of garrison buildings can be built as the Town Hall is upgraded.
Furthermore, additional Expeditions are unlocked with new garrison buildings.

Garrison Expeditions.
Matching the “Class Match Bonus" in an Expedition will grant an extra bonus chance of success.
Heroes of a higher level or rarity will also yield a better chance.
Each Expedition can only he attempted once a day.

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