Arcane Dragons Cheats: 4 Best Tips to become Stronger, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Arcane Dragons by Redbana for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Arcane Dragons Tip #1: Characters.
Warriors have the advantage when it comes to close combat! Master a sword or an axxe to defeat enemies!
Archers are great at long distance range attacks! Use a wide range of bows and arrows to penetrate enemies from afar.
Magicians attack with powerful spells! Spells can inflict damage to a group of enemies close together at once!
Characters can level up until level 70.

Arcane Dragons Tip #2: Clearing Missions.
You can obtain Rubies as a reward by clearing each dungeon for the first time.
You can obtain Rubies as a reward by clearing a stage with SS clear for the first time in story or time attack mode.
It is important to clear a dungeon in a short time to obtain a high ranking.
Clear each chapter stage to open a difficult mode of the same chapter.
You can obtain enhancement stones in time attack mode to effectively level up your equipment.
Clear a dungeon with a party to obtain more gold.
Buffs casted before entering a dungeon will last while you are in that dungeon.
When clearing a dungeon is difficult is difficult try party play or realign your equipment.
Party play allows you to communicate with emoticons in the party chatting window!
Sen Friendship Points to friends as a gift once a day.
Cruise through a dungeon easily by carrying HP Points or MP Potions with you.
Clear missions to obtain a variety of rewards.
Clear both the Daily Mission and Weekly mission to obtain Rubies.
Clearing some missions may increase your Sub Equipment border.
Diverse players gather at the square. You can take part in parties that are recruiting.
Powerful dragons appear in "Raids" so try party play with more than 3 players.
When you are short of Gold, try playing the Day Dungeon: Saturday or Continuous Quests to effectively collect Gold.
You can obtain Upgrade Stones for each property from the Day Dungeon: Monday to Friday to use for rank up.
You can receive more EXP through the Day Dungeon Sunday.
The Day Dungeon reward is different for all 7 days of the week. Monday Lightning, Tuesday Fire,  Wednesday Cold, Thursday Poison, Friday Null, Saturday: Gold, Sunday: EXP.
Record and share your gameplay with others!

Arcane Dragons Tip #3: Equipment.
The "Sub Equipment" border can be expanded after clearing some "missions".
Equipment equipped as "Sub Equipment" will increase your AT (or Def) by 10%.
Some skills grant special properties.
Some weapons come with unique skills. Unique skills are effective during battle.
Some armor comes with unique abilities that unleash their effect automatically during battle.
The unique skills of a weapon or the unique abilities of armor can weaken enemies.
Unique skills or unique abilities can level up by equipping other equipment with the same skills or abilities.
Try removing the enhancement effect from powerful bosses using your unique skills or abilities.
A phasic relationship exists between properties. The phasic relationship of properties is Ice > Flame > Lightning > Ice.
The Sub Equipment border can expand up to 24 slots.
Equipment abilities are granted randomly.
Equipment can get evolved to a maximum rarity of 6 Stars.
Rarity ranges form 1 star to 6 stars.
Equipment evolves 1 rarity step at a time until it reaches the max level.
Equipment rankings are Normal, High Normal, Rare, Hero and Legendary.
Accessories can be equipped by all characters.
Weapons with properties can inflict additional property damage.
The number of abilities attached to equipment can reach up to max 4 from +1 to +4.
There are many different special abilities granted to accessories. .
There are S kinds of equipment properties including Null, Poison, Fire, Cold and Lightning.
Only Head equipment can be set to Hide the equipment image.

Arcane Dragons Tip #4: Runes.
Runes are obtained as a dungeon clear reward.
There are various kinds of Runes and each have different effects when equipped.
Runes are powerful items that strengthen your character when equipped on your equipment.
The Magic Powder slot needs to be open in order to equip Runes.
Disassemble equipment to obtain Magic Powder.
Each chapter of the Extra quest will open after clearing each chapter in Story mode.
Accessories for equipment can be obtained as clear rewards from Extra.
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