Babel Rush: Heroes & Tower Cheats: 4 Best Tips for Battles, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Babel Rush by Rainbow Yard for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tip #1: Tower of Eternity.
The tower of eternity offers a weekly rank based reward, con quest reward on every 5 hours, and floor rewards on every floor.
The Conquest Reward will be refreshed every week, and can be obtain.

The attribute of the tower of eternity changes every day.

You can purchase an Expedition supply which allows you to pass the first 5 floors of the tower of eternity.

An elite monster will face you every 5 hours, defeat monster to claim a random box.

1. Heals Expedition HP by 10%.
2. Heals HP of the hero in battle by 30%.
3. Fever +50%.
4. Fever +Max.
5. Resets Expedition skill cooldown.

Rotate your heroes with tag, allowing them to recover, in order to reach higher floors.
It is also a good idea to wipe a floor then rest a while to recover health.

Tip #2: Boss Battle.
Boss Battle becomes available if you complete floor 30.

You can play the boss battle 5 times a day. There are weekly ranking and boss rewards available.
You can face up to 5 bosses in a boss battle.
When you defeat a boss, your Expedition's HP will be.
The 5 boss roster changes every week.
Every time you defeat a boss, a stronger boss will appear.
You can check the bosses by touching the left and right arrows.

The final score will be calculated by the total damage dealt to the bosses, defeated monster count.
The score will be accumulated for a week, and determine your weekly ranking.

You can obtain one common soul item for every boss killed in boss battle.

Check the bosses attributes and equip the right weapon to deal bonus damage to get high scores.
The time limit per boss is 3 minutes. The more summoned monsters you defeat, the higher score you can get within that time.

Since bosses are slower than heroes, you may want to rotate your heroes by tagging and allow them recovery time.

Tip #3: Colosseum.
Colosseum becomes available when you complete floor 5.
The battles in Colosseum will be fought automatically.
You can collect your Colosseum rank, reward once a day.
Colosseum ranking score does not reset every day.

Every 5 Win Streaks you will receive every victory points.
5-9 win streak: 1 point/1 - 14 win streak: 2 points/ 15- 19 win streak: 3 points.
The higher your win streak the more extra points you can get.

The battle result from the Colosseum will be decided by your equipment, attribute, skill, soul and level.
A strategic tagging might help you to defeat an opponent with similar stats.

Tip #4: Event Tower.
You can select the Event Tower in exploration to play it.
1. Tower selection by reward.
- There's tower for each reward, such as EXP, Gold or Elimination Token, so choose the one you want.
- Each Event Tower will be available on the given weekday.

2. Selection by difficulty.
- You can choose the difficulty for the tower.
- The higher the difficulty, the better the reward.