Clash of Assassins Cheats: CDkey Codes, 3 Best Tips, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Clash of Assassins for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Clash of Assassins Tip #1: Achievements.
Achievement overview.
Finish an achievement Mission to claim the reward!
And you should fulfill the required quantity of any mission.
Achieve the goal to get the reward!

Achieve token.
Finish an achievement mission to claim some achieve!
A certain amount of achieve can help upgrade the achieve token.
Achieve token provides some extra stats.

Achieve rune.
It will be unlocked when achieve token reaches lvl 3.
To upgrade the rune, you should consume some achieve and Gold.
The first 5 upgrades are free, having no need to use Gold.
Fast Upgrade will automatically consume Gold and achieve.
With a specified percentage progress, the rune can unlock next one.
The higher level the rune, the better stats you will get.
The more runes, the more extra stats.

Clash of Assassins Tip #2: Roles.
Role Stats.
You can view your role's power and stats here.
There are four stats and you can add points to them.
You can reset their points with 50 gold.
There will be a suggested plan. The system will help you assign the points.
You can get fruits from fusion. If you keep promoting yourself, the upper limits of your stats will be higher.

There are four categories: All, Gear, Stuff, Others.
You can buy potions in the shop here.
Tap Tidy and items will be sorted.
You can tap dissolve and select the gears you want to dissolve.
The successful dissolution will give you some rewards.
Tap currency and you can check all currencies you own.
Tap Depot to open your Handy Depot!
Spare items can be sent to the depot.
But you cant set the numbers of items stored in depot.

You should reach some certain levels first.
It will cost Medallions. The promotion will increase your power.
And your appearance will be changed too.

Clash of Assassins Tip #3: Fashion.
1. You should collect enough specified fashion pieces to activate a fashion.
2. To increase fashion developing chances, you should use some fashion pieces, coins and iron.
3. A higher level fashion has a higher upper limit of improving chances.
4. The more fashions you activate, the better ability you may get.
5. Fashions will provide your role with extra stats.
6. You should tap fight to wear a fashion and earn extra stats.
7. If a fashion's upper limit of developing chances has finished, it can't be upgrade any more.
8. A fashion with more developing chances offer better extra stats.

Clash of Assassins CDKey: CoA2017