Drift Legends Cheats: 3 Best Tips to Avoid Mistakes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Drift Legends by Redbana for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Drift Legends Tip #1: Avoid Mistakes.
Mistakes could result into wasted time, no points recorded and challenge unaccomplished.
Mistakes happens when you bump your car into the obstacles, drifting in grass or not road, drifting slowly, etc.
Some tracks or challenges can be accomplished when you have little to no mistakes.
Correct drifting is the key to avoid mistakes.

Drift Legends Tip #2: Short Drifts.
Short Drifts could have 100-200 points (1.0 Multiplier) in a few seconds.
Short Drifts is also good since you can secure your points even if you do mistakes.
Short Drifts can be easily mastered if you practice it. It is good for straight road and curve road.
You can do short Drifts by pressing the accelerator and release it if you have enough speed then followed it by pressing the brake and directional button left or right (or using accelerometer) to do the drifting. Release break to avoid obstacles or going out of the road.
If you are doing it in a straight road, make sure you are in the center of the road and do the step above choosing left or right, it doesn't matter.
If you are doing it in a curve road, make sure you are in the center of the road and if the curve is going to the right then press left button, vice versa for left curve. Release when the angle of your car is facing directly to the curve of the road, this is important!

Drift Legends Tip #3: Drift Zigzag.
Drift Zigzag could have 200-400 points (1.0 Multiplier) in a few seconds.
Similar with Short Drifts, Drift Zigzag is also considered as short drift because you just drift to the left then quickly drift to the right also in vice versa and earn points.
Drift Zigzag is recommended to use in a straight road, you can do it in a curve road but it is much difficult and prone to mistakes.
To do a Drift Zigzag, press accelerator enough to have a good amount of speed, then followed it by braking and pressing left or right, when the car turns in to almost 45 degrees if facing in a straight road then quickly change your opposite direction and put a little bit accelerator to give ample boost and brake to the opposite 45 degrees to safely record your points.
You can also turn the angle into the -90 degrees to make more points but it is only useful if you are near obstacles or grass to avoid wasting points because it takes time for your car to go back at the 0 degrees or vertical to your road.

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