Durango NEXON Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Survival, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Durango Limited Beta Key by Nexon and What Studio for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Durango Tip #1: Statuses.
+ Positive Status.
Invigorated: Energy consumption decreases due to the satisfaction of a job well done.
Quench Thirst and Full: Quenching your thirst or being full lessens fatigue.
Received Encouragement: Receiving encouragement makes your fatigue more bearable.
Wash: Washing not only helps you stay clean and makes heat bearable, it also lessens fatigue.
Rest: Resting lessens Fatigue.

- Negative Status.
Dejection: Energy consumption increases due to the disappointment of failure.
Thirsty and Hungry: Being thirsty or Hungry increases your fatigue rate.
Cannot Encourage: You can send encouragement again after a little while
Smelly: Being smelly makes heat bearable and it increases fatigue rate.
Danger: You're too tired to do anything.

+/- Neutral Status.
Wet: Your body temperature is dropping because you're soaked. The Fatigue is bearable in the heat, but in the cold it is downright overwhelming.
Too much Dry: Your body temperature is increasing because you're too much dry. The Fatigue is bearable in the cold, but in the heat it is downright overwhelming.

Durango Tip #2: Attacking a Dinosaur.
Tap the Dinosaur to enter combat.
Before the dinosaur uses an attack action, a yellow light will shine from the ground to warn you.
You can use defensive action to dodge an attack. Try to predict dinosaur's next move and tap before it strikes.
After defending yourself from a dinosaur's attack, take advantage of the opportunity and perform your own attack action.
Attack actions deal heavy damage.
You'll be dead if your health bar drops to 0.

Durango Tip #3: Starting Job Main Skills.

  1. Soldier - Melee Skill: Gained both incredible reflexes and sleepless nights as a result of real life combat experience.
  2. Office Worker - Building Skill: Knows a lot about facilities and equipment due to abundant experience managing projects abroad.
  3. Job Seeker - Defense Skill: Developed an overly defensive attitude due to frequent bouts of overthinking while unemployed.
  4. Student - Gather Skill: Reads a lot and performs field exercises due to a personal interest in the collection of biological specimens.
  5. Engineer - Weapon Crafting Skill: By no means a professional blacksmith, but has experience making handcrafted tools.
  6. Homemaker - Cooking Skill: Not as passionate about cooking as before, but still capable of whipping up the most delicious of meals.
  7. Attendant - Craft Clothing Skill: Familiar with tailoring uniforms and other clothes, a side effect of the company's hard cuts on the garment budget.
  8. Farmer - Farming Skill: Has been growing and harvesting all manner of things from a young age.

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