Hamster Restaurant Cheats: 10 Best Tips to Earn Fast, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Hamster Restaurant for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Hamster Restaurant Tip #1: Kitchen.
In the kitchen, you can consume coins and cook.
The dishes that can be made are different in Every kitchen.
Let's set various kitchens and increase cooking variations!
The recipe will be released as you raise the cooking level.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #2: Orders.
Let's cook for the guests who came to the plaza!
By tapping is you can see which food you want to eat.
Let's make that dish and push button to eat food!
When you tap a guest who has finished cooking, you can receive coins and experience points in return.
The level of the categories of dishes served to guests will also rise. Let's cook more and more!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #3: Puzzle.
Advancing the puzzle will allow you to release rare hamsters and increase the maximum number of hamsters that can be placed in the plaza.
You can check the number of stages you can earn under the ready screen.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #4: Shop.
At the shop you can purchase restaurants, table sets & decorations.
Placing the purchased table set in the open space, the guest will come to your plaza.
Push "Visit" button, you can see the guest's plaza.
The table set & restaurant has an upper limit of placement.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #5: User Level.
Increase the installed upper limit and plaza extension at the user level up.
Tap the blue star on the hamster and you will get the experience point.
If you give food to hamsters, you get the experience point.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #6: Cooking Level.
There are six categories of meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, desserts, and cooking basics in the cooking level.
When you cook dishes to the guests, the level of the categories of dishes that you offer will go up.
As you raise each dish level, other recipes will be released!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #7: Hamsters.
Tap the icon in the upper left to see the hamster selection screen. Let's get hamsters with stars gained by puzzle.
By tapping on each hamster icon you can put the hamster onto the plaza.
there is an upper limit to the number of hamsters that can be placed on the plaza.
To increase the upper limit, press the +button at the upper left of the selection screen, or advance the puzzle and release the upper limit.
As you advance the puzzle you will get rare hamsters! Let's step forward and get it.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #8: Bus.
By tapping the acorns bus, you can go to the plaza of other users or shop at a special shop.
You can get a friend coin by stroking a hamster in other user's plaza or visiting your own plaza.
Let's save a friend coin and get a limited item at a special shop!

Hamster Restaurant Tip #9: Affection Degree.
The degree of affection can be received by the hamster you choose when you cook.
The heart when stroking in the plaza is not included in affection degree.
You can check the degree of love on the selection screen of the hamster.
Depending on the number of hamsters whose heart is 100%, you can get cheese on the Achieve screen.

Hamster Restaurant Tip #10: Re-challenge the puzzle stage.
If you advance the stage of the puzzle to a certain extent, you can try again with life using the randomly chosen stage 3 already acquired stage.
You can not earn stars in the results of the re-challenge stage, so be careful.
The stage of re-challenge will clear, or will change to another stage after a certain period of time.