HERO-X Cheats: 3 Best Tips on Missions, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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HERO-X: Zombies by NAO-MIC for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

HERO X Tip #1: Getting 3 Stars.
Kill Score: Doesn't really matters anyway since you need to kill them all to complete a single mission.
Object Score: You need to use objects to increase your score. Whenever you see an object such as drums, barrels etc. use it as your advantage because aside from getting additional scores, you can also deal high damage with these objects.
HP Score: The higher the percentage of your HP the higher your score is. Maximum score is 1,000 if you have 100% HP after the mission.
Time Score: This is the most important factor on getting 3 stars because it will give the highest score in a single stage. Don't worry about getting hits as long as you can kill the enemy fast but you need to survive until the end of the mission.
High AP or Attack Point is needed to kill enemies fast! Use Abilities or Skills that kills enemies fast & efficiently.

HERO X Tip #2: Heroes.
Heroes can be bought by using coins or gems. Gems Heroes are usually superior from coins counterpart because Gems are difficult to obtain.
It is recommended to use your Default or Free Heroes to farm coins and gems from missions since your heroes will still level up and improve it's stats.
Farm and Save gems and coins until you can afford the most expensive gem hero in the game. There are 2 most expensive gem with 350 gem costs, Grim Reaper and Gundam.
Grim Reaper is the best choice since it has the highest AP & CR of all heroes available. Coins should be used for hero upgrade.
Tiger Man is the best choice for a free hero because it has the highest AP of all free heroes available.

HERO X Tip #3: Stats.
AP: Attack Point - Power.
HP: Hit Point - Defense.
SPD: Speed - Walking and Running,
AG: Agility - Avoid and  Attack Speed.
UT: Ultra - Less than HP 10%: AP+ CRI+.
CR: Critical Rate.