Honey Beellionaire Cheats: 5 Best Tips on Bees, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Honey Beellionaire Clicker for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Honey Beellionaire Tip #1: GAMEPLAY.
Welcome to the magic world of Honey Beellionaire!
Start your own beehive kingdom and see how rich can honey make you. Buy and upgrade bees and beehives to get more honey and coins faster. Start out by tapping on the giant flower for one coin and see how far you can grow your kingdom from there.

Honey Beellionaire Tip #2: TAPPING.
Start the game by tapping on the giant flower on the main screen. Each tap will give you coins. Use it to build a beehive kingdom and unlock upgrades. This will help you get coins faster.

Honey Beellionaire Tip #3: UPGRADES.
There are 2 types of upgrades: Coin Upgrades and Egg Upgrades. You can purchase many different Coin Upgrades to increase tap profit, increase the speed of Your bees, to increase bee profit or to get discounts on various bees. The Egg Upgrades are very useful because they increase Your tap profit with the percentage of Your worker bee production.

Honey Beellionaire Tip #4: BUTTERBEE & MAGIC WORM.
A bee with butterfly wings carrying a package will periodically fly by into your kingdom. Tap on the package before he leaves to get bonuses in the form of coins, diamonds and temporary bonuses.
The Magic Worm will surface into your kingdom after you reach level 6. Accept his offer for special bonuses!

Honey Beellionaire Tip #5: GAME MENUS.
TRAVEL MENU: At the bottom of the menu you will find the Travel button. It appears when Your Beekeeper has enough coins to travel. Travelling resets your coins, player level, unlockables and beehives. In exchange you will get a huge profit bonus on your earning rate. Diamonds and boosts do not get reset when travelling.
KEEPER MENU: The keeper menu gives you access to your character, player upgrades and other bonuses. Upgrading your Beekeeper will increase your profit per tap. The keeper skill can be used to help you get coins faster, and unlocking the bonuses will increase your beehive's profit. From here you can also change the name of your character and look in game stats.
SHOP MENU: In the Shop menu you can buy bees, boosts, upgrades and special upgrades. In order to start you Beehive kingdom, you need to have a Special Queen Bee. She produces eggs that hatch other Worker bees that will collect honey and coins for you.  Boosts are special capabilities that you will NOT lose when Travelling. Upgrades allow you to earn even more coins. In Special upgrades you can spend diamonds to buy premium game perks. These are helpful when you are stuck or if you want to advance in the game more quickly. You can also purchase diamonds from here.
GOALS MENU: There are many goals that you can unlock in the Goals menu. Completing these goals will give you coins and different boosts while playing.
THE BESTS: The Bests will display the most successful Beekeepers globally or by country. From here you can also access the Top Players if you are connected to Google Play.

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