Japan Food Chain Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Profit, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Japan Food Chain for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Japan Food Chain Tip #1: Basic Gameplay.
Tap the ingredient to add it to the plate.
Tap the correct customer to serve.
If you've got the wrong order. Just tap the trash can clear the plate.
You can double your earnings for a stage by watching a video ad.
In lucky draw, you can pick 1 out of 3 treasure chest to get your reward. You can also doubled it by watching a video ad.
Upgrade Ingredients to increase it's sell price.
Upgrade Manekineko to increase customer's patience.
Upgrade Book Shelf to increase customer's tips amount.
Some customers take some time to place an order.
You can serve other customer while waiting the order.
Upgrade TV to increase customer's tolerance to give tips.

Japan Food Chain Tip #2: Invite friends.
It's more fun to have a little company.
- See friends on the map.
- Get hearts from friends.
- Get help to unlock new episodes.
- Compete for highscore.

Japan Food Chain Tip #3: Other Tips.
Don't forget to upgrade your store to make your customer more comfortable.
Share your gems! You can get reward daily by sharing.
Don't forget to upgrade your food to increase profit.
Do you want the best deal? Buy the VIP pack.
Play the game daily to get daily rewards.
Have you check the store? There are interesting deal to get.
Use serving bot to serve all customers.
Need more hearts? You can request it from your friends or buy 5 hearts with gem.
Use Mochi Cafe to reset all customer's patience.
Use hourglass to freeze the time.
Use serving bot to serve all customers.

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