Legend Tactics: Arena Master Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Knights, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Legend Tactics: Arena Master by Entaro3 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Legend Tactics: Arena Master Tip #1: Attacking.
The green under the knight icon is attack strength and the red is hp.
The rules are simple: defeat all the enemy knights during your turn!
These are movement points to use during your turn.
Moving a knight or using a skill will use up a movement point.
Each time it's your turn, movement points will be provided and when all the points are used, your turn automatically ends.
When your turn ends, your knights will automatically attack, and it will be your opponent's turn.
Each night can only attack in the direction of those arrows.
If 2 attack direction arrows overlap, you may attack up to 2 spaces.

Legend Tactics: Arena Master Tip #2: Movement.
Although there was movement points left, pressing the turn exit button will end your turn.
However, in case of turn exit, the movement points from your previous turn does not accumulate, so it is best to utilize it as much as possible.
The medals are the number of enemies defeated! If all knights survive when the stage is cleared on the stage mode, you can earn additional rewards.
In formation, you can place knights and skills. In order to use knights well you have to place them deliberately according to their direction of attack and skills.
The number of time you can move during your turn can be found on the lower left. A move is spent each time the knights move or a skill used.

Legend Tactics: Arena Master Tip #3: Upgrading Knights.
If you want to see information of a skill or knight. Press the icon, holding it down for a while!
Knights can only attack in the direction marked on top of the icon.
You can collect the knights card and upgrade. If you upgrade, you will get much stronger!
When you Upgrade the knights will get stronger and they reach a certain level the knights skill will be opened.
If you upgrade they also give a lot of experience points so don't forget to do that.
The strategy can also change according to the knights skills so check in detail.

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