My Horse Prince Cheats: Excellent Answers, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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My Horse Prince for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Excellent Answers.
What do you think of carrots?
B. I like their orange color.
I think you and I must just become good friends.

Do you like ranches?
A. I do!
They're nice, right? You have good taste.

I feel relaxed when I'm with you.
B. Thanks!
You remind me of my mom who looked after me when I was young.

I like your hair like that.
B. Thanks!
Do you like my mane too?

Do you want to train with me?
B. I'll cheer you on!
OK, I'll run as fast as I can as long as you're cheering me on!

What do you like in miso soup?
B. Carrots.
I know you only chose that because I like it. You're so kind!

What fruit do you like?
C. Carrot.
Baby carrots are nice and sweet!

Wanna go somewhere together today?
B. Theme Park.
I want to see you get all excited!

That reminds me... the light bulb in the hallway has burnt out.
C. I think we have another one somewhere.,.
You're really on top of things!

Do you usually get some sun first thing in the morning?
B. I can't start my day without it!
I'm so glad I get to start another day with you, Umako.

Good Answers,
How did you get to the ranch?
A. Train.
I want to run alongside a train one day!

Do you like dogs or cats?
C. Dogs.
Yeah they're really loyal.

Do you usually get some sun first thing in the morning?
A. Yeah, it feels great.
Yeah, it perks me up!

How about toast for breakfast tomorrow?
B. I'm looking forward to it!
Ok, I'll go to that bakery down the road and get you something freshly baked!

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