Robokrieg Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Robots, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Robokrieg for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Robokrieg Tip #1: Best Robots.
The Aurora is good because of the high damage, the Scout can be the best tier 1 because you can snipe and kill targets easily.  STRIDER has a good punch, HP is decent, good at long and mid range combat, the very quick 1.5 reload time when fully ungraded, combined with a 22 damage per hit(fully upgraded), it has two blasters so that's 38-46 damage per shot if both rounds hit with a 1.5 reload, i'd say it's the best tier 4 mech, so getting caught in the open in a slow large profile mech by a stalker is gonna cost you.

Robokrieg Tip #2: Space Jump.
"Space-Jump" allows the players to jump vertically 20 meters (or so) strzight up.
This let's players jump over rocks, other players, or out of a tight spot the player may be in, The "Space-Jump" ability has a SLOW "recharge" rate (so players aren't jumping around all the time).

If the tank is moving forward, the "Space-Jump" let's the player jump over a trench or debris field, however the "Jump" isn't necessarily an advantage to use: As the tank jumps or is falling back to the surface, it could be falling upside-down or aiming in the wrong direction (and subject to the tanks Turret Turn Speed) AND! if the "Jumper" is being shot by another player (in air) it can cause the tank to Spin or Twirl out of control until it lands and stabilizes!

Robokrieg Tip #3: Grinder.
"Grinder" ability for tank mechs makes you charge forward at a speed of 70 KMH, you have a harder time turning the tank and you can't stop the tank but if you ram an enemy mech or tank you will immobilize them and grind them till they're scrap metal or you die, it'll has a long cooldown of 40 seconds, and the charge only lasts for 3 seconds, the grinder ability will have a Damage Per Second of 3% of the enemies HP.

Against a mech that is a tier lower you deal a DPS of 4%
Against a mech of the same tier you deal 3%
Against a mech of a higher tier you deal 2.5%

When you are grinding on another mech you take an extra 20% damage per hit.

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