Solar Siege Cheats: 3 Best Tips on Missions, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Solar Siege for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Solar Siege Tip #1: Crystals.
Crystals is what are important in this game. We mine it from the asteroids and use it for construction.
It's not all easy pickings though. You may be wondering what all these guns are for. Pirates are a constant threat.
We should invest resources to rebuild it when we can spare them.
Everything needs more power to function. Use Power Nodes to connect them to the Excalibur.
Miners cannot mine without power. Drag a Power Node from the build bar and connect miner to the station.
Crystal Carries automatically retrieve the mined Crystal. We can use Crystal for building and upgrading.
All structures can be upgraded which makes them more effective without using any more power.

Solar Siege Tip #2: Missions.
A new mission is received each day, up to a maximum of three.
Missions can be completed in any game to earn rewards. One mission can be cancelled and swapped for a new one each day.

Solar Siege Tip #3: Defenses.
The Excalibur has another trick to complement our defenses.
It can use some power to generate an EMP blast to temporarily disable nearby enemies.
Destroy the Pirates, tap the station to activate EMP as they approach, that is the power of EMP, Explosive!
Laser Turrets for extra protection too. Pirates won't be far away.
Weapons, Miners and Construction eat lots of Power. Toggle power usage with the yellow. Power Buttons on the left.
Power up the Shipyard by connecting it to the station. You can build your own ships to help defend our operation!
Make sure you build some Miners because crystals are needed to build fighters.
Fighters will defend and the shipyard will automatically repair and rebuild destroyed ones.