Tap Ramen Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Gold, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Tap Ramen for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Tap Ramen Tip #1: Kitchen/Ramen vs Employees.
When you upgrade your Ramen or Kitchen, you're Gold per Tap will increase.
Upgrading Employees will improve your Gold per Second without tapping.
When you actively tapping the screen you will get more Gold per Second compared to being passive or depending on your employees.
Most of these kind of Clicker Games rewards the player when he or she is being active tapping the screen while some of clicker games, upgrading passive upgrades has more benefits than actively tapping the game. But in Tap Ramen, being active is the only option to get gold very fast.
Employees Upgrades are very inferior compared to Ramen/Kitchen Upgrades. You can earn at just 10 seconds of fast tapping compared to a 2 hour passive gold per second on employees upgrades even if you over upgrade your employees!

Tap Ramen Tip #2: Upgrading Kitchen vs Ramen.
Both upgrades will increase your gold per tap, the only difference is the scale of cost upgrades.
You should both upgrade at the same cost because kitchen will multiply your ramen profit and ramen would give you the gold profit.
Ramen has more upgrades available thus you can easily go to a higher ramen and gain more profit while Kitchen has few upgrades compared to Ramen but once you unlock them, it will give you a boost multiplier for your Ramen.