Thomas & Friends Magic Tracks Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Train, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks by Budge Studios for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #1: Controlling your Train.
The Green Lever on the right side of the screen controls your engine speed.
Slide it up to move forward. Let it go to stop!

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #2: Junctions.
At junctions, you will be shown two arrows pointing in different directions.
these arrows each have a unique icon which determines which mini games comes next in that direction.
Tap an arrow to choose a direction and your train will turn towards it.

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #3: Mini Games.
When you get to a mini-game, it will start automatically. Each mini-game has specific instructions. There are visual hints to help you understand what action must be done to complete it.
For added information, make sure to activate the Voice Over toggle in the settings. The narrator will guide you through each mini game.

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #4: Decorating your Train Set.
In order to decorate your train set, you must earn toys by completing various mini games.
When  you complete a mini-game, you are rewarded with a blister pack containing a Toy.
Tap a Blister Pack that doesn't have a lock on it in order to select it. The Blister pack will be launched somewhere on the track and a large beam of light will indicate it's position.
You will have to ride along the tracks and try to find the light beam in order to get your Toy.
When you find it, drive through it. The Blister pack will come forward in the screen.
Slice across it with your finger to open the pack. There you go! You now have a new Toy placed on your track. Place all of them to complete the train set.

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #5: Choosing a different character.
To change from one Engine to another. tap on the orange button at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Note that this option only becomes available after completing the first mini-game.

Thomas & Friends Magical Tracks Tip #6: Day and Night.
To change from day to night and back, press the dark blue/yellow button at the bottom-left corner of the screen.

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