Total War: King's Return Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Kingdom, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Total War: King's Return Tip #1: Trap Workshop.
Build traps in the Trap Workshop.
Upgrade the Trap Workshop to unlock new traps.
Trap building speed is affected by the Science and Skill Points.
The maximum number of traps depends on the Walls level.
Traps will be activated automatically when there are soldiers (quantity ≥ 1) in the castle. If you have no soldiers in your castle, then the traps cannot be used.

If you want to dismiss the existing traps, click the Trap Workshop→select the type of trap→click the exclamation mark below the trap image → click the round shape button on the right and confirm the dismiss quantity → click dismiss
Note: Dismissing traps will not refund the resources already spent in building them.

Total War: King's Return Tip #2: Safe Resources.
If you use items to receive resources, then they are Safe Resources.
The use of Safe Resources is the same as other resources. They can be used for building upgrades, training soldiers, etc.
When you have both Safe Resources and ordinary resources, the ordinary resources will be consumed first.
In the same alliance, giver_s Market achieve Prestige Lv.1, receiver_s Market achieve Lv.24 and the two parties have joined the alliance over than 72 hours, then the giver can give Safe Food and Safe Wood, but can_t give Safe Iron and Safe Mithril yet.

Benefits of having Safe Resources:

  1. Safe Resources cannot be scouted by other generals.
  2. Safe Resources cannot be plundered by other generals.
  3. Safe Resources will not be consumed by your soldiers.

Total War: King's Return Tip #3: Formation.
You can deploy your unlocked armies to forward, center and rear formations. Each formation varies in different enhancements.
The Forward troops will get an attack bonus.
The Center troops will get a defense bonus.
The Rear troops will get an HP bonus.
You can customize three formations for now.
Formation effect is only applied to expedition forces, the defence troops do not share formation benefits.       The effect of the lineup is only for the expedition troops, the defenders no lineup effect.

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