Wooparoo Pang Cheats: 2 Best Tips for Puzzle, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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WooparooPang by NHN Studio629 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

WooparooPang Tip #:1 How to play?
You can move the blocks in 4 different directions: up, down, left, and right.
At the top left corner, these are your remaining moves. This shows how many moves you have left to clear a stage.
Keep an eye on your remaining moves and try to reach the goal points.
Connect 4 blocks vertically, horizontally or in a T or L Shape and a special block will be created.
Connect 3 or more Special Blocks of the same color to activate a powerful effect.
Rainbow Block can be made by connecting 5 blocks.
The Rainbow Block is enchanted with Wooparoo Magic.
Switch it with another block to cast it's magic.
All the blocks of the same color as the block that was switched have disappeared.
Special Blocks can be used alone, but it's better to use two or more of them at the same time.
Horizontal Bomb and Vertical Bomb can be use at the same time by switching them.
The effects vary depending on the combination, so try experimenting with different Special Blocks!
All the blocks of the same color as the block switched with the Rainbow Block can become Special Blocks.

WooparooPang Tip #:2 Wooparoos
Discovered Wooparoos can be obtained using the Summon Menu.
Summoning Wooparoos requires Summon Stones.
When the summoning has begun, check the remaining time until the summoning is finished.
Raising Wooparoos requires food. Tap food to harvest it.
To raise him, you have to increase his Food Points to level 2. It will have a Point Bonus Ability.
Level him up to level 3 to increased his Point Bonus and obtain a Book Bonus!
You get a gift every time you increase Wooparoos to level 3.
You have to set the Wooparoo as your Main Wooparoo to get it's Point Bonus.
In the Wooparoo Book you can see all the Wooparoos that you've obtained.
I hope you'll meet all the Wooparoos. Each one of them is unique and precious in their own way.
When you find a Wooparoo, you can check them and keep collecting Wooparoos and complete the Book.
Also the more you fill the book the greater your Book Bonus. There just so much to gain!
Having a higher Book Bonus helps you set a new personal high record.

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