Yet Another Pixel Dungeon (YAPD) Cheats: 4 Best Tips on Classes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Pixel Yet Another Dungeon for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon YAPD Tip #1: Warrior.
Warrior's main advantage is his greater physique - his amount of health is greater than anyone else's and he gets bonus strength with levels.
However, because of huge size and brash attitude, warrior is unreliable when it comes to stealth and evasion, making him somewhat vulnerable to ranged attacks and spells.
The improved survivability and ability to use heavy equipment much earlier make this class the most fitting for beginners.

Round shield.
Studded armor.
Armorer's kit.

+ Strength.
+ Health.

- Dexterity.
- Stealth.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon YAPD Tip #2: Brigand.
Nobody can compete with Brigand in dexterity and overall sneakiness, even if he has to limit himself to light armor if he wants to utilize these talents to their fullest.
Strong, accurate and agile, he would've been the strongest character if not for his disdain of everything magical, especially wands.
Knowledge of the game mechanics is required to play this class properly, so it can be considered a class for advanced players.

Throwing Knives X10.
Rogue Garb.
Ring of Shadows.

+ Dexterity.
+ Stealth.

- Wand Skill.
- Magic Power.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon YAPD Tip #3: Scholar.
Scholar is the expert wand user. Wands are both more accurate and recharge much faster than usual in his hands.
However, decades of study have dulled his senses, decreasing his combat skills and ability to detect traps, forcing him to rely on wands to progress.
Inability to properly use weapons and reliance on wands make him a bit tricky to play as, and therefore this class is only recommended for veteran players.

Wand of Magic Missile.
Mystic Robe.
Arcane Battery.
Scroll of Raise Dead.

+ Wand Skill.
+ Magic Power.

- Accuracy.
- Detection.

Yet Another Pixel Dungeon YAPD Tip #4: Acolyte.
The Acolyte is blessed with extremely sensitive intuition. Her awareness of surroundings and precision of her strikes are unparalleled, allowing for more reliable usage of ranged weapons.
Alas, the elven heritage made her body frail and sickly. Her starting strength is lower and her vitality grows much slower with levels when compared with others.
This vulnerability makes Acolyte a fairly challenging class, better fit for an expert player rather than someone who still learns how to play.

Bullets X30.
Elven Cloak.
Crafting kit.
Potion of Overgrowth.

+ Detection.
+ Accuracy.

- Strength.
- Health.