Alien Path Cheats: 3 Best Tips for Aliens, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Alien Path for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Alien Path Tip #1: How to Play.
Objective: Defeat all robots.
Swipe any direction to move Alien.
Tap an Arrow to rotate it's direction.
1 Energy will be consumed.

Combo 2 - Additional 50% Coins.
Combo 3 - Additional 100% Coins.
Combo 4 - Additional 159% Coins.

The first tap on each arrow uses 1 energy.
You lose when your HP reaches 0.
Each arrow adds this much extra damage.
Pods will shoot the nearest Robot with this amount of damage.
Notice the blue borders? They're for bouncing off the edges.
You can collect potion to recover your HP!
Thor Stones are obstacles that will block your path.
Hit them to destroy it and they'll reveal items hidden inside.
Challenge yourself to clear within a certain moves for a Speed Bonus!
Collect a set of DNA's to hatch a new Alien.
Hatched Aliens of the same kind will combine to rank up.
Upgrade Alien to increase it's stats.

Alien Path Tip #2: Expedition.
You can send your alien on an expedition.
You cannot send the alien that you are currently playing on an expedition.
There are three types of expeditions and the amount of Gold you can get increase according to the time required for the expedition.
The higher the level of your alien that is sent on an expedition, the more Gold is earned.
You cannot play the alien that is on an expedition.
You will only get a portion of the reward if you abort an expedition.
There is a chance of getting Gems when you complete an expedition.
You can check the alien that has returned from an expedition in the alien Selection window.

Alien Path Tip #3: Board Elements.
Pod - Go through pod to shoot robot.
Potion - Recover Alien's HP.
Stone - Block Alien's path, hit stone to reveal the item inside.
Crystal - Recover Alien's energy.
Arrow - Redirect Alien's path and adds to attack damage.
Bounce Wall - The more lines the Bounce wall has the further the alien bonuses.
Bounce Stone - Bounce Alien in opposite direction, hit stone to reveal the item inside.
Portal - Alien can warp from one portal to another.
Wall portal - Alien can warp from one wall portal to another.

Alien Path Tip #4: Power Card.
Power card comprises of 5 colors: Green Blue Red Purple and Orange.
Equip 3 some colors will grant additional stats.
RED - +10% HP.
BLUE - +10% Energy.
PURPLE - +10% Attack.
GREEN - +10% Pod.
ORANGE - +10% Arrow.

There are 4 rarities in a Power Card.
Cards of higher rarity have better and more stats.
Common - 1 Star.
Rare - 2 Stars.
Epic - 3 Stars.
Legendary - 4 Stars.

Upgrade to increase card stats value and unlock new stats.
Imbue to maximize card stats.
Disenchant to destroy unwanted cards and get color sparks in exchange.