Amazing Shot: Crash Space Cheats: 3 Best Tips for 30 Seconds, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Amazing Shot: Crash Space in 30 Seconds for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Amazing Shot: Crash Space Tip #1: Primary Fire Power.
There are 3 types of upgrades available to improve your space plane.
These are Primary Fire, Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile.
All of them will improve your plane's fire power. Enemies can be pulverize with 1 hit only.
But what is the best and efficient upgrade in the game? It is the Primary Fire upgrade!
Primary Fire upgrade will make your primary plane's bullet strong enough to eliminate enemies in front of your plane.
Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile doesn't fire in front of your plane, they are both firing at the sides of your plane.
Firing in front of your plane is better because it is easier to hit the enemies by just facing your plane in front of the targeted enemies.

Amazing Shot: Crash Space Tip #2: Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile.
Both of them fire at the side of your plane which is difficult to land your both left and right attacks to a targeted enemies, only one of them can land a hit.
If you rely on your Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile, it will be difficult to eliminate a wave because enemies that are positioned at the center of a wave will be difficult to land a hit with your Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile.
Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile are good for waves that have enemies positioned mostly at the side of space field.
Secondary Fire and Rocket Missile are good also for enemy boss fight because the boss will be huge enough to occupy the upper part of the space field.

Amazing Shot: Crash Space Tip #3: Upgrading Guide.
Primary Fire are clearly the superior over the other 2 upgrades.
Secondary Fire are much stronger and reliable against Rocket Missile.
So it is Primary Fire > Secondary Fire > Rocket Missile in terms of plane's fire power.
It is recommended to upgrade your Primary Fire as much as you can after a single run or play.
After upgrading your Primary Fire, the left over money should be spent to the Secondary Fire.
When you spend your left over money on upgrading your Secondary Fire and there are still left over money, you can use it to upgrade your Rocket Missile.
If you follow the tip or recommendation on what upgrade should be upgrade first, second, and last.
Your Plane will be strong enough to eliminate more enemies after your previous run thus giving you more money to improve your plane fire power.