CLICKPOCALYPSE II Cheats:12 Best Tips for Turn Based Game, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #1: Quick Character Tips.
Fighter - Tank character. Powerful melee attack.
Priest - Melee combat plus spells to help the party.
Ranger - Beautiful and deadly. Ranged attack.
Pyromancer - Spell-based ranged attack. Fire Magic
Rogue - Ranged melee hybrid. Looting abilities.
Druid - Summons Wolves and a pet dog. Healer.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #2: Attack Rating vs Defense Rating.
Attack and Defense Ratings are used lo determine attack is successful. if a character with a low
attack rating rs fighting a character with a high defense rating. then the likelihood of a successful attack is.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #3: Damage vs Armor.
Damage and Armor are used to determine how much health is lost alters successful attack. If a character
with a low damage value hits a character with a high armor value, then the amount of health lost will be low.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #4: Critical Hit.
When a character makes a critical hit, then the amount of the monster is ignored, and the full character damage is applied.

when a character loses all their health, rather than dying, may become stunned for a period of time
Stunned characters can not help out in the fight. but also are not targeted by monsters.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #6: Stealth.
When a character is being stealthy monsters do not attack them, and stealthy attacks are very likely to be successful.

This is a turn based game. There are 4 turns a second. In each turn, all characters decide what action they will perform during that turn.

CLICKPOCALYPSE Tip #8: Cool Downs.
After an attack, a character has to wait a certain number of turns before they can attack again similarly, each spell has its own cool down period that must elapse before the spell can be cast again.
This helps prevent the character from casting the same spell over and over again.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #9: Health Spirit Regeneration.
Health and Spirit values slowly regenerate. Each character regains a small number of health spirit every 3 turns.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #10: Dungeon Farms.
Once a dungeon has been cleared, you can spend your gold to turn the dungeon into a farm, where you automatically earn kills by letting the dungeon re-instated, and then having all the monsters killed by the farmers.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #11: Adventure Points.
As your brave adventures do their adventurous deeds, they gain points as a reward,.
Adventure points can be spent on upgrades to permanently improve things, such as unlocking extra potion slots, increasing the maximum number of scrolls you can carry, or even adding a fifth character slot to your party.

CLICKPOCALYPSE 2 Tip #12: Achievements.
Over the course of time, your party will earn various achievements. When an achievement is made, you will earn  a bonus to the rate at which you earn Adventure Points. The list of achievements can be found in the points tab. Each achievement has a hint as to what you need to do in order to earn it. see if you can earn them all.

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