Creature Quest Cheats: Redeem Codes, 4 Best Tips for Creatures, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Creature Quest by VC Mobile Entertainment for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Creature Quest Tip #1: Creatures.
You'll need Gold to buy things around the map.
But make sure you collect the rest of your Creatures before breaking in to the castle!
Use Gems that match the color of your Creatures to make them more powerful!
You'll find plenty throughout your adventures.
Look for Diamonds in ships as they are used to summon the rarest creatures, revive, recover energy and other important things.

Creature Quest Tip #2: Upgrade.
When the equipment becomes level 5, you can upgrade it.
1. When you upgrade equipment, the current and MA stats, and skill level will be increased.
The equipment's item level will be reset, but it will have higher stats than before.
2. Bonus Option.
Uncommon grade or above will have 1 option.
Hero grade or above will have 2 options.
Awakened equipment will have 3 item options.
3. Update Required.
When upgraded to Uncommon, you can have up to 3 skills.
In common grade, you can only have up to 2.

The higher your item grade, the more it will cost to upgrade.

Creature Quest Tip #3: Awakening.
When the equipment becomes legendary grade level 5, you can awaken the equipment.
1. First, get a legend grade level 5 equipment to awaken.
2. Collect the material for awakening.
Regardless of the class, the same type of legend grade level 5 equipment is needed as awakening material.
The area where equipment had been acquired must also be the same.

If it is awakened, the grade sign will be changed, stats will be increased significantly, and an option will be added.
There will be a total of 3 item options.
Awakened equipment cannot be leveled up or upgraded.

Creature Quest Tip #4: Change Skill.
You can change skills by either selecting the skill or the equipment part that has a skill.
You can change all 3 skills, or just 1 or 2.
When changing skills, they will never be changed into the same skill.
Even if you change a skill, the skill level won't be reset.
The higher the area, the more the variety of skills of the equipment acquired.

Redeem Code: CQDIAMONDS.