Dream Soccer Star Cheats: 6 Best Tips for Improving, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Dream Soccer Star for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Dream Soccer Star Tip #1: Controls.
Slide your finger along the top part of the screen to see around you.
Slide your finger from the ball to your objective to make a shoot or to pass.
The strength of your shoot will be affected by the time you maintain your finger on the screen the height will depend on the shoot strength and your finger-trail.

Dream Soccer Star Tip #2: Resistance.
Increasing resistance will be able to participate more in a match.
Increase your resistance to withstand more in the pitch and not be substituted.
You can also buy accessories and drinks to further improve your resistance attributes.

Dream Soccer Star Tip #3: Efficient Way to spend your Energy.
Winning matches will earn you money to be able to buy equipment in the store.
However you won't be able to improve your player if you don't train.
Training increases your attributes more efficiently than buying an items because equipment are expensive.
Having a player that has a good attributes will make you win a lot of matches including higher divisions.
Higher divisions gives you a lot of money.
You can't make more than 3 training between matches, thus the game forces you to spend atleast 1 energy for matches.
Upgrade your attributes, not only to play better but to receive offers from better clubs.

Dream Soccer Star Tip #4: Luxury.
Luxury items deducts the recharge time of your energy cool-down.
These are very important because you can play a lot of games or you can train when you have a lot of luxury items.
This is why the game limits you to play for a certain time because with energy, you can gain money or increasing your attributes.

Dream Soccer Star Tip #5: Fans Affinity.
The better you get along with the fans the more investors will be interested in you.
Fans Affinity will help you increase your potential salary next season.
Salary is one of the best way to earn money, just keep increasing your affinity even if you don't win, you will still be rewarded.

Dream Soccer Star Tip #6: Coach Affinity.
Your leadership (Coach Affinity) determines how much you will participate in a match.
Spend 1 energy in Coach Affinity to increase your affinity, affinity similarly works like resistance but you will be start automatically regardless of resistance.
Be nice with your coach he decides whether you are captain or substitute.

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