Final Odyssey Cheats: Exchange Gift & 4 Best Tips for Heroes, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Final Odyssey for Android/iOS (iPhone/iPad).

Final Odyssey Tip #1: Area
Each Area consists of 15 stages. You can check the Area layout and name.
Attributes differ per area.
Area 1 is nature attribute and monsters with that attribute will spawn.
Fire attribute will be displayed as a recommended attribute against nature attribute monsters.

Complete the tower to acquire the Area item.
Items that can be obtained at higher Areas have higher stats even if they have the same grade as ones from lower areas.

Touch the Area button during exploration. You can check the right attribute for the Area including the acquirable equipment and skill for each class.

Final Odyssey Tip #2: Soul.
Soul slots will be unlocked, according to the hero's level.
Soul slots are color compatible with certain souls.

Only 1 special soul can be equipped per hero, and the slot can be unlocked with carats.
Special souls have unique powers that will be triggered during the battle.

There are a total of 5 grades and they can be obtained by playing the Soul Lottery in the Fame Shop or by combining Souls.
Souls of the same grade can be combined to create a soul of a higher grade, from common to legendary.
The higher the soul grade the higher the combination cost.
The number of souls required for the combination per grade is the same.
When you combine Souls, you need Souls of the previous grade.

Final Odyssey Tip #3: Costumes.
In the Wardrobe, you can change your hero's appearance.
The change in appearance does not affect your current equipment stats.

Common costumes can be obtained from explorations.
Once you complete an Area, you may change into Special Costume.
Special Costume can be purchased from the shop with Carats.
Special costumes offer additional bonus stats.

Common Costumes have  4 individual parts: weapon, armor, shoes and helm.
Special Costumes have 2 parts: weapon and common costumes.
Both Common and Special Costumes use the same equipment slots.
You need gold to change or equip a common costumes and special costumes.

Final Odyssey Tip #4: Spending GC and Ingots.
If you are too busy to complete some gameplay, you can spend GC or ingot to get the reward back!
You can get reward from the daily quest you haven't completed 7 days ago by using GC or Ingot!
You can get partial reward of the back: Trinity, Youdo Shadow, Leader Quest, Slayer, Astral, Arcanus, Arcadia Raid.

Final Odyssey Exchange Gift Code: FOINGOT.

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