Galaxy Clicker Cheats: 5 Best Tips for Pilot, Strategy Guide and Tricks

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Galaxy Clicker Tip #1: Wimpy Party Pity Button.
If it's taking your party a long time to finish off an encounter, the game will take pity on you, and unlock a button that will help turn your enemies into corpses.
The pity button is basically a powerful scroll with unlimited charges.

Galaxy Clicker Tip #2: Offline Progress.
Progress will continue when you are off on your own real world adventures.
Your characters will clear dungeons, find treasure and earn experience points.
At first, the game will progress for three hours while you are away.
You can increase this offline time by sending your adventure points on upgrades in the points tab.

Galaxy Clicker Tip #3: Pilots.
In order to make your pilots more effective in battle you need to level them up and evolve them to the next star rank.

Pilots unlocked through rewards or loot may will have a higher talent capacity than those that you evolve from lower ranks.

Example: A 2-star Bronze flash you unlock through loot or rewards will have a higher capacity talent score than a 2-Star Bronze you evolve from a 1-star Gold flash.

You can tell a pilot was evolved to the next star rank if their second or third star appears only outlined instead of full.

Galaxy Clicker Tip #4: Space War Defense.
Peace Shield has no effect on Space War Invasion.
The more Space Hordes you defend against, the better rewards you receive.
Hordes will not attack you it you have tailed 2 times.
Once this happens, you can reinforce the Cities of other allies.
If all allies fail twice, then this Alliance Activity is over.
You can only participate once per Alliance activity.
Hordes will not plunder your resources.
Space Hordes Invasions will only cause a small number of Wounded soldiers.
* Note: You will not receive any rewards it you leave the Alliance during the activity.

When you base is conquered, it will burn for 30 minutes.
If your Space Defense reaches 0, your Space Field will be forced to move automatically to another place.

Galaxy Clicker Tip #5: Tokens.
Tokens are used to Rank up your Pilots. There are various ways to collect Tokens - through stages, Loot Crates, even through leveling up!

Your Pilot must meet certain requirements before you are able to use Tokens to Rank Up.

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